80 Broad Street is a 36 floor office building located on the south side of Broad Street between Stone and Beaver Streets in Downtown Manhattan’s Financial District (FiDi) neighborhood. 80 Broad Street contains approximately 420,000 rentable square feet including approximately 8,600 square feet of retail on the ground floor. The building, located three blocks from the New York Stock Exchange, was completed in 1935. The building’s elegant multiple-setback design provides efficient boutique floor plates of multiple sizes from 7,500 to 15,150 square feet, which provide small to mid-size tenants the security and prestige of full floor occupancy. Additionally, high ceilings and excellent window lines provide exceptional light and air, while wonderful New York harbor views are available from the mid to upper floors of the building.

Designed by Sloan & Robertson Architecture and built in 1935, the building’s façade is limestone, concrete and masonry with a black granite base. The Property’s classic 1930’s art deco design complements the 1920’s architectural style of Wall Street’s landmark buildings. The exterior walls feature beautiful art deco designs highlighting the setbacks, cornices and parapets, and double-hung anodized aluminum framed operable windows.

80 Broad Street has been renovated within the past 5 years with an approximately $12 million capital improvement program which repositioned the building as a luxury boutique office building. Some of the major improvements include: (i) installation of new lobby, entranceway, and retail storefronts, (ii) complete replacement and automation of all elevator cabs and systems, (iii) improvement of the common areas, (iv) installation of all new and upgraded HVAC and electrical systems,(v) build-out of tenant spaces, and (vi) development of a new freight entrance and mail center, (vii) installation of new fire/1ife safety systems, (viii) complete inspection and repair of façade and setback roofs.

After purchasing the building in June 2004, Swig Equities maintained 80 Broad Street to the highest standards, upgrading and refurbishing the Property through a multi-million capital improvement program which fully repositioned the Property as a luxury boutique office building. The centerpiece of the program is a spectacular new lobby designed by the architectural firm Moed de Armas & Shannon. The dramatic lobby renovation and restoration preserved and enhanced the building’s elegant and historic Art Deco detailing, highlighted by a new two-story glass entrance way and a fully-restored ceiling mural painted in 1931 by the well-known muralist Lillian Gaertner Palmedo. The mural depicts a nautical theme that was appropriate for the building’s original tenant, the Maritime Exchange.