Halstead Property

Halstead Property is one of the largest and most visible residential real estate brokerage firms in New York. Headquartered in the Terra Holdings Building at 770 Lexington Avenue, the firm has over 1,000 sales and rental agents throughout 26 offices including 18 premier storefront offices in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Halstead Property boasts six offices in Manhattan including the Upper Eastside, Upper Westside, Midtown, SoHo, Greenwich Village, and Harlem as well as three offices in Brooklyn. In addition, Halstead has offices in Riverdale, Metro New Jersey, the Hudson Valley and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Founded in 1984 by Clark P. Halstead and Diane M. Ramirez, Halstead Property is based on the simple guiding principle that the mission of a service company must indeed be service. The company quickly established themselves as the most innovative real estate firm in New York by being the first to establish ground floor, retail storefronts as offices and by developing a strategic ‘triangle’ growth plan that started with an Upper Eastside office and then quickly expanded to the Westside and Downtown. Halstead was one of the first firms to have offices in the key market areas of Manhattan. The two executives also recognized the important role that a technologically sophisticated environment could play in the conduct of a service-based business in a rapidly evolving economy. As a result, Halstead became recognized as a leading firm that provides their clients and customers with real tools and resources.

In 2001, Halstead Property joined the distinguished family of real estate-related companies owned by Terra Holdings, adding formidable, additional dimensions of talent, capability and capacity to its strengths. Terra Holdings is the standard-bearer of a number of great New York real estate traditions dating from 1873. Its companies and principals, who include David A. Burris, Kent M. Swig, Arthur W. Zeckendorf and William Lie Zeckendorf, carry forward corporate and family heritages long preeminent in residential and commercial real estate development, ownership and management, as well as a variety of associated services.